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Aides were rushing up and down stairs, and ushering delegates in and out of conference rooms at the World Conference Center in Germany's former capital.

Everyone's favorite date was US Secretary of State and former Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson.

Germany is pursuing an ambitious agenda in a period of crisis.

Chancellor Merkel is under pressure to succeed as a federal election looms.

In July, the G20 heads of state and government are slated to meet in Hamburg, Germany.

'Planet Earth First' A few dozen protesters made their voices heard outside the conference center, calling the G20‘s policies "murderous." One protester told DW that he thought the whole G20 format was "just wrong." "The G20 are not representatives of the world.

They demanded G20 nations withdraw from conflicts in the Middle East and take responsibility for migrants still arriving in Europe.

() Sigmar Gabriel declared at a foreign policy forum that relations with the US will "never be the same" after Trump.

And yet, their schedule came awfully close to looking like a speed dating event.Germany, Russia and the US all signaled their willingness to cooperate, but tensions among them remain.() With the foreign ministers' meeting in Bonn, the G20 process is gaining momentum.This not only includes the sustainable use of natural resources and their precautionary preservation for future generations, but also the global fight against poverty.The United Nations has had offices in Bonn since 1951.

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