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I could still harness my 4 year olds as far as height and weight (although barely on one of them) AND it is narrow enough to fit 3 across.

It is a carseat that turns into a highback booster, and I liked the head protection on them.

Evolva is almost identical to the Swedish Britax Multi Tech.

MT has a tall seat shell and will keep most kids RF to age 5 or longer. Evolva looks very much like the Multi Tech but can be used forward facing only.... It's affordable, sturdy, nice belt fit, adjustable and IMO one of the best high booster one can buy (except Isofix).

We shocked quite a few when DD was rear-facing in her Marathon still at 2.5! Brasilian carseats aren't really more expensive than Canadian ones Our (Canadian) government had to specifically discourage people from buying carseats in the US because in some cases they are 1/2 the price..seemingly the exact same seat. DH is from a city in southern Brazil (Porto Alegre) that is very metropolitan--very similar to NYC, actually.

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I have a Cosco/Safety First Ambassador, but the belt doesn't stay in place well at all with it. now and are willing to bring a seat, and I may be in the States in May.Burigotto actually has one with an antirebound bar.The tough things is that a lot of the seats are all-in-one and the shells look pretty short to be used in booster mode.DH is a bit of a jaded ex-pat but he also thinks that a lot of new laws and stuff are going to start popping up in Brazil over the next few years because of all the international attention it will be getting with the Wold Cup and the Olympics. My advice is to buy seats in the US and not worry for a second about them being certified for Brazil.... And whatever seat that would be good for FF with no tether. I would worry more about getting the best car seats to work with the cars there than whether they are certified for Brazil. I have 2 individual seats in the trunk, that I wondered about Nautiluses for my boys, and then the Scenera and Radian, and some narrow booster for my oldest (would a turbo booster fit)?Not saying this law is a BAD thing, but just that Brazil is trying to raise itself up so it will be seen as an "equal" to other major countries in the world. Each seat can be 17" across at the most, as I have 51" to work with.

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