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Google Earth Afghanistan Searchable map/satellite view of Afghanistan.

Google Earth Kabul Searchable map/satellite view of Afghanistan's capital city.

Head of state and the head of government is the President.

Office of the President The Official Website of President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani.

Map of Central Asia and Caucasus Map of the Kashmir Region Map of Asia Reference Map of Asia.

Bakhtar News Agency Afghan News Agency Benawa News in Pashto. Afghanistan Online Press Todays News of Afghanistan. Guardian Unlimited Afghanistan news by the UK based Guardian. News Search-Afghanistan Press agencies news on Afghanistan .

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Maps Map of Afghanistan Detailed Map of Afghanistan.

Since the adoption of the constitution in 2004, Afghanistan is an Islamic republic with a presidential government system.

The National Assembly (parliament) is the Legislature of Afghanistan, a bicameral body of two houses: the (House of the Elder).

Afghanistan embassies worldwide List of Afghanistan embassies in foreign countries.

Foreign Missions in Afghanistan Address list of Foreign Missions accredited in Afghanistan.

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