Cultural affiliation dating

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° the fuller form of the part of the name recorded as the first element of the name (surname, etc.) Record fuller forms of names as separate elements, as parts of access points, or as both.° See Fuller form of name ( for additional instructions on recording a fuller form of the name as part of the authorized access point.Petersburg (Russia), Milan (Italy), and Hamburg (Germany), Osaka has 8 sister/friendship cities with which it has various exchanges in many fields.Every 5 years, when the anniversary of a sister / friendship city affiliation takes place, many exchanges are held, such as delegation visits and other commemorative events.Presently, Osaka Port has affiliations with seven sister ports abroad.To exhibit international goodwill and prosperous relations, Osaka Port is striving to carry out various exchange projects with its affiliated ports. This office is actively involved with information gathering and distribution, and also concentrates on strengthening exchanges in the economic, cultural and tourism fields.Through the broad international network of many sister / friendship cities, friendship cooperation cities, business partner cities and other international affiliations,we aim to promote various exchanges in culture, sports, human resources and economic fields.

Agreement & Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Affiliated Cities Since ancient times, Osaka has been involved with the vigorous flow of transport through its ports with mainland China and the Korean Peninsula, which has played a major role in cultural exchange and trade.

If it is not possible to establish specific years of activity, record the century or centuries in which the person was active.

Record the title of the person by applying the instructions below, as applicable.

Record the person's date of birth and the date of death of a deceased person, applying the basic instructions on recording dates associated with persons at 9.3.1.

If the person was born in the same year as another person with the same name, record the date of birth in the form Record a date or range of dates indicative of the person's period of activity, by applying the basic instructions on recording dates associated with persons at 9.3.1.

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