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“Take one finger and swipe it right,” Chalkias advises. Keep the contact briefer.” A blip—like leveling up in a video game—tells me I’m in the right place. He’s wearing an oversized purple shirt and pants with a tear over the knee.

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“The lower third of the screen is now your keyboard,” he says. He sits with his body turned towards me and laughs conspiratorially.I’ll have to do it by touch and by physical memory of the letters’ location. An automated voice barks in rapid-fire, staccato speech: Camera. But his fatigue started setting in earlier and earlier in the day. “I’d have 20/20 vision one day, and then be using a cane the next week,” he notes. “When I lost my vision, my whole concept of self was devastated. “My eyes were getting really tired by the end of the day,” he says.According to estimates the majority of vision impaired people fails to develop a positive nurturing relationship and nine out of ten affected with the loss of sight will not work for more than six months of their lives.The hackathon was part of RLSB’s month long London without Limits festival – a series of sensory events, which aims to raise awareness of some of the challenges young blind people face on a daily basis.

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