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After the rumors about Tammi and Sam Cooke (with whom she reportedly never actually had a relationship), and her well-publicized involvement with the likes of James Brown and David Ruffin, Marvin Gaye would seem a logical next step, right? After her horrific ordeal at 11, and her tragic series of abusive relationships that began in her teens, what Tammi Terrell needed was simply a friend. By both of their accounts, as well as those of people close to them, Gaye and Terrell were never, ever romantically involved.Marvin Gaye had his own struggles and could perhaps relate to Tammi Terrell more than most could.She was only 24 years old, despite having lived an adventurous and successful yet traumatic life.At her funeral, Gaye summoned the strength to deliver the eulogy.Not only that, but it’s always Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. One would be surprised to learn that there was much more to Tammi’s story than simply being Marvin Gaye’s lady. Not surprisingly, Terrell’s behavior changed drastically after the incident.

These beautiful and ageless gems are undoubtedly the product of a special kind of love.He was also allegedly abused by his father in his childhood, and stated that he would have ended his own life had his mother not encouraged his singing, in which he found an outlet.Marvin was so traumatized by his childhood that he changed his last name, adding an “e” at the end both as a means to squash rumors about his sexuality (largely stemming from his soft-spoken nature) and to distance himself from his father.His vocal range is legendary, as is his appeal to the fairer sex. Gaye battled drug addiction and faced tax problems which led him to flee the United States for a period.Most people also know that he was shot and killed by his own father on April 1, 1984, just one day shy of his 45th birthday.

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