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I light Shabbat candles and pray at the same time — and then everything goes good for me.

The truth is that I started to convince my Jewish friends to begin to observe the Shabbat and light candles.

"Since that moment, I am a different woman, stronger and more powerful," she says in an attempt to explain the difference before her conversion and afterwards. "I love to light Shabbat candles," she says as she arranges the candlesticks. "And before Chanukah I'm planning to light candles and make donuts, although my Spinjes [Moroccan deep fried dough] are really tasty." Prays to G-d (Illustration: Shutterstock) S., a young woman in her 30’s, finished a few months ago her conversion process that began five years ago, and since then she conducts herself and lives as a Jew in every respect.

In her modest home two candlesticks stand on the table. "I'm observant, meticulous about waiting six hours between meat and milk - so I’m certainly a Jew, right?

"I believe in the religion of Moses and Judaism — and that it is the true religion.

When Mazen Takri was a teenager finishing high school in the suburbs of Los Angeles, a 150-year-old religious conflict came to haunt him in the most unexpected of places: his dating life.

" she asks a question which is more like a statement.

When asked why she doesn’t reveal her identity, she immediately says she would rather keep her identity private, because her Druze family does not know anything about the conversion she underwent. After all, she raised me, and she would take it hard." So what leads a woman who allegedly has everything, to pick herself up and leave her religion, customs, way of life and family?

Soon after she falls in his net, the guy starts to abuse her. I’ve spoken to such girls to explain the situation to them, and hope it will help." What is your message to people?

was a young Druze who decided one fine day to realize her dream to become a Jew.

"The conversion process was very beautiful," she recalls, "The rabbinical judges realized that Judaism was important to me.

S., a young Druze woman who officially joined the Jewish people, admits: "Judaism is the true religion.

I converted, I know that keeping Judaism is not a game, only G-d knows what is in my heart." And she has a message for young Jewish women who fall in love with Arabs: "They want to take revenge on the Jewish people, so they go after Jewish girls.

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