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You can search through the full text of this book on the web at | //books .google .com/I b, Goo(^lc O^Yi'- ,:r B-i'' ^r-^''- ] -\- \- . It is probable that, in the •■pe of moat of tbe present plays, tbe final -ed of verbs was intended to be pronounced as II separate syllable whenever it is spelled in fall. Ware tby oaths witlio Qt num- ber, tby kisaua witliaut meoaore, thy sigiii ['• without end, for^d to deceive ■ poor credulous Tir^n, whose simplicity hnd beeu worth th; favour and better fortune ?

( 11 11 cu b, Gooj^lc b, Goo(^lc b, Goo(^lc b, Goo(^lc THE CHIEF ELIZABETHAN DRAMATISTS b, Goo(^lc b, Goo(^lc b, Goo(^lc GEORGE CHAPMAN FRANCIS BEAUMONT JOHN FLETCHER SEN JONSON THOMAS UIDDLETON PHILIP MASSINOER JAUES SHIRLEV ; Google I THE CHIEF j ELIZABETHAN DRAMATISTS ' EXCLUDING SHAKESPEABE i LYLY. The spelling and punctnation have been modernized tbronghont, except when the older spelling implied a different pronunciation. 122 l^pff Sr ASi MB Traohdy ; or, Hiebomiho le Mad Again, by Tho BUu Kyd^tf^. If the suds sit un- equal bebulderi of injuries, or laug Lers at 1 [» giien in women as perjury winked at in men. Madam, if yon would compare llie ■talfl of Cynthia with your own.

All collected editions of the dramatists conr however, mentioned ; all separate editions of tbe plays here printed ; a com * * ^^ each anther's dramas, with tbe dates of tbe original editions ; and a selection important critical and bic^^phical articles and books. 1 Tai Old Witbs Tale, bg George Pee U 24 ^I^Ho MOUBABLEHu TORTOFFRi AJt Bacon AMD Frur Bu MQAT, iy Aoi«rt (ireenc 35 ^Jlft Mami MX^ Fabt I, by Chriatophtr Marlowe G7 ^/Pfiic Tragical Hibtort or Doctor Favbtdb, by Christopher Marlowe .... V^^ ^ l.* /Tbr Tkoobluome KEiflif and Lahbktablk Death or Sdwakd the Second, byfihrittoj^tr Marloae '~'.

Attention may also b * ' * °^ Aomplete index of all the dranuitii pertonae who have speaking parts, and to • • - ^t ao Dgs. 889 \ In the selection of the thirty plays to be included I have received valuable ad\ .

Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover.

It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain.

A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired.

He footnotes give the most important variant readings, and explanations of obsole^ ezpreuiona ; and tbe Additional Notes at the end of the volume supply information '™* regard to tbe circmnstances of publication, date, and sources of each play. with the plan of the Chief Poets Series, to which the volume belonga, there hav^. and tlie hei|;]it of Endymion his thouchta with the of your fortune, yon would rather yield than I" pari Huii : and r.ither wonder tlian rage at (In Kreatuess of his mind, being affected with a thing more than mortal.

690 added eonciae biographical sketches and a selected bibliography of the dramatic w . In view of tbe full bibliograj Aiea printed recently in Professor Sol , 741 EUxabetian Drama and in 7%c Cambridge Uiitory of Eagli Mh Literature, vols, v -^ _ -jijq han not seemed advisable to attempt to give exhaustive bibliographies at the e ^^^ reduiung the number of dramas. ) \ \ r,o,i,,-,-,ih, Go O(^lc I H ' , 1 CONTENTS ' Ei TDTUi Oti, TBM 'iixs ix TBt Moon, by John Lglg ..

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