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PHOTOGRAPHS: Most of the photos on this website are mine, a few are from other sources or are photographed from books.My photos are copyright – you are welcome to use them for your own purposes, but not for gain – please always attribute them to uk.All my photos have been reduced in resolution using photoscape (excellent & free) to save space on the website, they are normally 1200 pixels wide, occasionally 1600 for more interesting things.The image you will normally see on your screen is at a lower resolution still, as wordpress fits it to the page and decreases the resolution very considerably to speed up loading.The roller on the left sear is a replacement and slightly larger than that on the right and may be the problem – I’ll remake the roller tomorrow and see where we are.One thing is certain, when free to move the sears are very securely located in the full cock bents – in fact possibly too well seated, which may have something to do with the current problem.If you right click & ‘save image’ from the normal web page you will get an image of (for the J LANG 14 bore for example) 94 KBytes, if you left click on the image and download from the larger image that comes up on a blank screen you’ll get about 573 KBytes, which is what I uploaded to the website – if I send you the original cropped image it is 8.257 MBytes with a horizontal count of 5885 pixels !___________________ DIARY _____________ _________ 13th Jan. I’ve just come back from Somerset where I was very kindly invited to a shoot on Friday.

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I can’t do that with the Manton on account of the ‘lips’ on the hammers (frizzens) – see photos below.I started with Swiss No 2 powder and 1 1/4 oz of No 6 shot (stolen from 12 bore cartridges as I had run out).The first shot resulted in both barrels firing as the sear was jogging out of the bent on the left lock when the right barrel fired.If I can I will respond – email will usually get a quicker response.I am fond of obscure English sayings which are marked* – you can look them up on Google if you need to interpret them.

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