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Our of the twenty seven academy graduates, only nine will move on to be actual genin. If you do not come with me with the intent of death, you will not pass."In seconds Naruto had a kunai in his hand, and in the next second his arm was twisted around kunai at his own neck.

All twenty seven are facing a test today, most will be different, depending on the teacher. You must retreve the bells from my side."He held up two bells on red strings."But Kakashi-sensei, there are only two."He turned to her with a smile, but it seemed entirely fake."That's right, only two of you have the chance of passing. Kakashi had twisted his arm, and his other hand was on Naruto's keeping it still."Naruto!

Finally, at the academy she entered the room where the meeting was held and smiled at an almost open bench.

Her hair had finally grown out to a length she loved and her fingers touched the soft pink strands.

And today, they're going to be placed in their three man XXxx Sakura stared at the hitai-ate in her hands and frowned.

My hobby is training, and my future goal is to be on ANBU.""Very well. And Naruto asked the question before anyone else could."What's that? Not that she could blame them, it was way too early for teenagers to be up. When Kakashi found them, they were all sitting back to back in a circle, leaning against each other."Morning! "Naruto's outburst was loud and annoying for the morning and Sakura elbowed him in the side harshly."Well you see a black cat crossed my way and-""Enough!

You're all incredibly dull."Sakura almost fell forward."Kakashi-sensei! "She pinched his ear."Ahem, oh well."He placed a timer on a stump and pressed the top down."It's set for three hours.

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