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Of course this reality should be the first sign, at least to a thinking person, that something here is very wrong.

Onward State: Who do you think is the biggest “villain” in this whole situation (specifically, not just the media in general)?

I also released a devastating email from the woman who tried to kill herself with Matt Sandusky which basically proves he is lying about that as well.

It was also learned that another false accuser promoted by the same Rolling Stone reporter who blew the UVA case was represented by the same lawyer as Aaron Fisher.

I presumed at the start that Jerry Sandusky was guilty because everyone said that he was. Everyone who told me he was guilty (people like Jim Clemente and Scott Paterno) I presumed were telling me the truth, but I learned from personal experience that they were obvious frauds.

After I interviewed him in prison I realized that presumption was in grave doubt. Conversely, I assumed everyone who told me he was innocent was insane, but they all turned out to be telling me the truth.

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