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While western scientists looked at the DNA in terms of bits and pieces of genes, Russian scientists tried to look at it as a whole – which is always greater than the sum of its parts.

In one of their experiments, the Russian scientists were able to beam the genetic patterns of Salamander embryos onto frog embryos and there by instructed the DNA of frog embryos to convert itself into salamander embryos! Without any physical intervention, no surgery, no drugs, no touching at all – just by beaming genetic patterns the scientists were able to convert frog embryos into salamander embryos.

Hanuman is said to have mastered the great eight arts (Ashta Siddhis) of anima, mahima, laghima, garima etc where he could instruct his body to become as large as a mountain, or as tiny as an ant, or as heavy as a huge rock, or as light as a feather etc!

Now going by this new discovery that doesn’t seem improbable isn’t it?

You call it sound therapy or DNA therapy or whatever it takes, you can converse with your body (ie your genetic material) via vibrations and waves and can heal ailments, fine tune your health, control body functions etc without the need of any physical intervention like surgery or medicinal drugs!

The kind of genetic engineering scientists do today is looking at the system in parts – whereas the fact is that the system works as a whole, not in parts.

Else humans would have mastered weather forecasting long back.

Even today the weather forecast by a local fisherman is n times more accurate than what modern technology predicts!

One would recognize this if one listens to the chanting of the vedic hymns, the highlight of which is laser sharp focus on pronunciation and pitch.

The ancients had also strongly advocated that we should always think only about positive thoughts and speak good.

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