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A plea for evolving a national system of cities through integrated planning of urban development is made m Chapter 18, while some dcmographic-and ecological implications of environment and population for development planning are the subject matter of Chapter 19.Part VII IS wholly devoted to a statistical presentation which gives a profile of urban India and also indicates the rural-urban contrasts.A special feature of the book is (he inclusion of the latest available 1971 Census data in the statistical section of the book and also a quick analysis of urban- tzation during the I9dl-71 decade.When the last pages were being printed, the publishers were good enough to include the latest data and some of the analytical material, thereby making the book as uptodate as possible.

In the last part of the book a series of statistical tables on urban India and rural-urban contrasts is presented for ready reference of all students of the subject.

Environment and Population: Some Ecoiosical and Demographic Implications for Development Planning in Asia 255 PART SEVEN — A STATISTICAL PROFILE OF URBAN INDIA AND RURAHURBAN CONTRASTS Sources of Statistical Material 271 Tables Section I. while the udustnalization urbanization process dunng this decade is discussed tn Chapter 7 The stagnation of small towns is discussed separately in Chapter 6 Part IV contains two papers on internal migration Chapter 10 analyses the migration slreanis in India based on 1961 Census data, while Chapter II relates migration to the linguistic dispersal in India.

Growth and Distribution of Rural and Urban Population 275 Section 11. Labour Force 304 Sec*ion VI Migration 337 Section VII Housing 348 Section VJII Induslrul Establishments 353 Section DC Characteristics of Urban Classes by Population Size 358 Section X Grouthof Six Ctassesof Toniis 373 Section XI Data on Individual Cities 391 Section Xn Select Data from National Sample Survey 414 Section XIII. Part V specifically deals with urban Delhi as a case study Cliaptcf 12 reports the findings of our study on land prwes and land speculation in urban Delhi for the penod 1947-67 Chapter 13 is concerned with ho Jse rents in selected luxury co Jo Ries in Delhi and with the emergence of the new rich in a fnagt vil Jage where agncultural land was sold for residential use Part VI IS dev oted to urban planning tad policy Chapter 14 discusses some broad issues in the planning of satelbte and new towns and also of industrial regions.

The Institute hopes to widen the scope of urban research in India so as to include studies on urban economics too.

This volume, along with its earlier companion volume on the source material for the study of urbanization, should serse as a good starting-point for comprehensive economic-demographic studies on urbanization in India.

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