Radgrid not updating after rebind

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It alters the "traditional"editing style by displaying an edit form item (row), below the item currently being edited, instead displaying the in-place editors. Additional details can be found in these help resources: In Place editing Edit Forms editing Custom edit forms To better understand how Rad Grid deals with hierarchy, refer to the article: Understanding hierarchical grid structure. Unlike the Data Grid/Grid Viewcontrol, Rad Grid supports the Edit Forms feature that is set by default.

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For a live example that demonstrates automatic data source operations, see Automatic operations.The extraction of all values is necessary when the data source control has Conflict Detection="Compare All Values" (the default Data Source control behavior).Extracting values from an Item is supported only when the grid has an edit mode of In Place or Edit Forms (auto-generated edit forms) or uses a template. For example, when using a Data Grid, many developers used to search a cell in an item using the following code: However, imagine that the user has changed the column order using a client-side drag-and-drop operation. Unlike the Data Grid, Rad Grid supports operations such as column reordering and grouping which alter the Cells collection of Grid Itemobjects in a way that can’t be predicted by the page developer.

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