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It's hard to snoop on someone when you don't know who they are, so your first step is to try and find out what name they sign on their debit card receipts.To start, you can simply throw their username or email address into Google.It's pretty easy to find someone when you know their name.

Maybe I'd scroll through their Facebook page or snoop their music preferences so I could present them with the perfect romantic mixtape.

The department of justice has a nice search engine where you can find people based on their names, or comb through their registry.

Finally, if you're only worried about crimes of the heart (i.e., if they're married), there's not a free one-stop-shop search engine that I'm aware of.

So you've found your information lynchpin on someone -- things like their name and location.

How do you take that information and use it to start connecting the dots between all their information scattered across the web? Connectifier describes itself as “a social aggregator which can deliver data such as direct contact information on individual candidates from across the Internet by tracing their digital footprints.”What this means is that you can look up and find out, in one text box, where someone works, where they went to school, what websites they're associated with, and some available emails and phone numbers. When I plugged my own name in, it pulled up all my social media, magazines where I'd been published, and four old blogs I started writing for a hot minute then gave up on.

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