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SLH Buy Inhumans h/c and read the Page 45 review here A beautiful book, the most moving and compelling articulation of grief I have ever read. Anyway, I’ll butt out now, and hope these blatantly artificial extra paragraphs have done their job.] DK Buy The Whale and read the Page 45 review here If sales of SIEGRIED VOL 1 proved anything, it’s that Alex Alice is an artist’s artist: we sold so many copies to comicbook creators, and I’m far from surprised.

The eye-candy on offer is breath-taking: vast panoramas of mountains bathed in blue mist, their jagged, craggy summits clawing a sky at sunrise or splintering under the weight of an impossible, land-locked tidal wave; the forbidden forest with its treacherous, Manara-like swamps or the witch Völva’s cavern, the Valkyrie and her pure white steed all reminiscent of Charles Vess.

What follows is a breathless race Siegfried cannot possibly win. Like the first, this second of three volumes also comes embellished with a sixty-page art section featuring Alice’s own landscape atmosphere studies in multiple media, preparatory character designs, shots from the animated feature film and a double-page spread of Albert Bierstadt’s ‘Storm In The Rocky Mountains which you could devour for an hour and still discover new detail.

All this is interspersed with with an extensive interview about Alex’s influences and creative decisions in combining his sources into a fresh and thrilling new narrative in which the Valkryie’s role remains unchanged, for example, but is transposed into a completely different context, inextricably linked to the success or failure of Siegried’s quest.

It can be fun, terrible, exciting, hard — the adjectives used to describe it are endless.

He has therefore recalled the instruments of his will, less that law be broken.£29-99 may sound like a lot but it’s twelve chapters long and a hardback with exquisite reproduction values.That’s less expensive than buying the individual issues separately. Purely to make room for the cover on our blog, then, I would only add that Anders Nilsen’s DON’T GO WHERE I CAN’T FOLLOW and, later, THE END did the same thing for me.Meanwhile the Valkyrie has made a bargain with Völva: prepared to pay the price of her immortality to look into the scrying pool, she watches her own future – Siegfried’s present – unfold.She watches Siegfried and Mimé traverse the forbidden forest to scale the land of the giants and its insurmountable mountains, and those giants are about to wake up…

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