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of students are kept at a eulfictenk distance froon the picturea. GUsa camiot be removed from a pi L'ture, oi a picture taken down from the walls withoat special periui BBion from the Director or ihfl Officer in cliarye. Sli Klent& will be r^'qiiired to enter in a bonk, which will be kept tor the purpose in the Gallery, the ntime of the jioilrnlt which they wish to copy, and the length of time which in their cntimatjon it will toke them to copy it. This ahonld be done not later than the day before that Sxed for operations. Photograplia can only be taken, exuept by special permis- eion, on Thurfidaya and Fridi Lya. On Thorsduy B and Fridays, if pre Tious arrangements hare b«Qn made, the operator can crommenee work at 9 , apphc A- tiu D being inadti on arriyal to the Head Attendant i» tihargo o! Should Ihe operator not have ooiiinieni;ed work Ijefore 10 a-m, on Tfiursdays and Fridays, any atu-dent, who may have permiflftion t«i copy the objuct in tiuetrtion on that duy, cannot lie diaturbed, if already n-t work. Lord Aberdeen carried important m^Hsures for reforni of the law, government I of India, and extension of th« principles of free trade, Preiient«d, Jane 1886, by Heury Willett, Esq. He was elected Preaid-ent of the BTitish Aftaociation in 1859. illness, at Windsor Cast.lp, 141h Deuie b tuifd iumato of Ho Uaad Rouse, varied aaij by an occasioixal residence at Uulvricli Oo Uuge, of which he ma Warden frum l Ull to IHlf U, and M&eter tram that year until hia dealiu Ue dibd in Hoiitli street, Londun. At the Restoration AUestree was appointed Canon of Christ Gliur L-h and S^iua Professor of Divinity, and in 1665 becamfl Provoat o£ College, which poat he held until hia death. ((i2&.) Bslf-l-ength, in gown, bands, and ekull-cap, face three-tjaarters to the right, Dimentiomi. Kll STl'DENTS are admitted to the Qallery free on Thuredaj-B and Fridaya under the following Begulatioiu. Stiident B ore admitted to oopf in the National Portrait t Jallerj on Thursdays and Fri Jay B, between 10 a.m, (tnd 5 p.m. On the expiration of six months, or if lost or miitlaid, it must be renewed by a fresh application for admission under ilia foregoing rules. Students attending at the Gal Wj on Thursdays and Fridays are required to show their admiesicn tickets and sign their names in a booli kept fur LLst purpoae in tlie Entrance Hull. Owing to the limited size of the Galleries only ono person at a time can be permitted to copy any portrait on ijuch a euala as ti;tly enjoined to enforce thia rule, and tu see ttiat the eeata, oase U, &c. aae of some pc.rtraita it may he neoyasnry to restrict the time within which a student will lioye permission granted f&E completing the copy. No moi-B than ono copy of any patticular portrait can Iw commenced without Hpecial leave fooin tbo Secretary. Periuiasion w IU not be given to operators to take photographs on their own account. The namti of each portrait with that of its painter, and the reginter number, as ijivon in th« official c&t&lugiie, should be clearly ntatud in tlie letter of application. On receipt ol the form of permission, Iho photographer ■hould URcortatu from the Attendant in charge of the Gallery, in whitih the object to be photographed ia nituated, the circum- atanc«s und^r which it will be poaaible l« take the photograph in q Uiestifoi. In the following year the Governnienl wan dufealtid, nnd I^KJtd Aberdetn rwsigneii. From his liberal and comprehonaive -ntellect arose the Great Intor- UBtioniil Exhibition of 1861. " he woe in Fested with the title of Prince Consort. Drtiiciiand rnnmredjruiu the UJe by David Lotfgan, Royalist soldier and divine. Educated at Coventry and Christ Church, Osiord, and during the Civil Wnj took an actire part in the aervioi: of tlie king \ he was seen curyiii^ a oiuaket in one hand and his book in the other. i X HULES WHICH THE TRt JBTEES HATE ATOFTED FOR THEIR ODIDANCE. Tho rule which the Trustees desire to lay down to them- selres in either making purchases or receiving presents, is to look to the celebrity of the person represented rather than to the merit of the artist. In the EAST WING on the Uppfr Floor will be found Portrait* of Litecarj Celebrities, ilie Army and the Navy, and Men of Science, and on the Lowan Plooh Works of Sculpturo. "Visitors desiring tfl follow the historical sequence of the Portraita should ascend at once tv the Top Floor. receirt-d an enaii^'n'a comniisaion in the Guards in 1731, and actad as aide-do-eamp to Lord Ligonier in the battlefi of Dettingen and Fontenoy. El&ctrot Tped frnm the metal-gilt effigy oq ber monument it I Weg tai Lpster Abbey. Queen Aui Le Buleyn trim favourable to t Jie progress of the Refofmation. A„ FJ □lerk and Aotinir-As Bi Fliint Keciior, JAMES DONALD Mr LNKB, Kti-q. are not arranged chronol(^ica]l7 on Mx'dunt of their aize. Artists, the Drama, Statoamen, Divinea, Eminent Women having separate rooroa. On the Upfbh BAsmni NT will bo found the large pictures of the Home of Gouraona and the House of Lonla, and t, cnllection of engrayed portraita of Scrjeants-at-Ijaw. She died without iaano at Shene, in Surrey," uid vsa buried in Westmin Kter Abbey. In Jaouar^ 1&33 she was ]iripatelf laarried to htm, and on the Whitsunday following, publicly crowned by Archbisliop Cranmer in Westminster Abbey. The Attendaata bare atrict injtuietiun H to eue tlist tho HO rules are enfurc Ml, and that proper deeorum ia obsim'ei) hy tiuuse ^^iaitiitg tlio building. Eacli apj Jica Dt for admission as a student i» required to write a letter to the Secretary, givln-g titc nume and addras of a Beferee resident in Loudon. A ticket of admission will be available for sis months from the dnto of itisue, imlesa it is for any special reason withdrawn by nulhority. be desirous of c»i)Vtng the asme pii Huro, thuy must do bo in the order in which tli«ir n&uics rtnnd in the apiili^^atioi] book. PWea forfciti'il by no D-attenilance aiiy other student, who may be copying a neighbouring portrait. In the Galleriea where th«^re are bays fnrnied by projecting acreotu, not more than two persona with easels con be permitted work at the aame time. Apnlication B tor pei-miaaloa to take photographs within the Natio Dal Portrait Qa Uery must be made in writioj to the Director at leaat two days before tlie day on which it is propc Me J that the photogr&pii should be taken. Any person or business firm, wishing to »und »n operator to take photographs in th« National Portrait; Gallery must appij beforehand by letter for the jieriniasion to do so, stating the purpose for which th« photograph is required. In early lift Lord Aiiuniwn sp.-iil iniuli tiiii M in Greece, and on his returu fnundt-d. Secretary in 1828 under the Duke of Weliin^on, and sg Ain in 1841 iindoi Sir Robert Pee L In 1852 he formed a Conlitinn Ministry, and during his Adniini^t ration in March 1854 lhe Crimean war begun. As patron and p Tomgtep of all social improyemonta, and of acience and art, his name will ever be cherished among ihe benefautors to this country.

Born ai Brinkley, in Cambridgeshire, nnd educated at Bury St Edmunds and at Etoo, and afterwards nt King'n College, Oani- bridge, of which be became a fellow. A struiig supporter of the l*robe9tant iuterest in Iti HI, he wfts tried on a cb&rg G of troafiou, and sentenced to death, htit succeeded in nukiii}; hij escape to Ho Ufwd, whero he joined thu Duke of in a plan for the invasion of Great Britain. In 1771 a apiuning m Ul waa erect-ed at Oromford, in Derbyshire, and moved, us an improve- ment on ho EBB labour, by water power. Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. • *««•• ^ There uuijht mil to Ju in thla cu Uculion a uinifh jjortrail aa lo lohifh a mail iif good educa-tiiiu pamiuff round and aeetiig the tui MC in the atlalarj-ue^ v;vtdd On under the nf.icssit^ ofaakinff, ' \y? Copyright infringement liability can be quite severe. iij /If kff' S-iich (I ti'ivftivn vttijhl tv bt decmft' aijuiiiii C lh6 admiasioii o^ the poi'tratl. mcci-vs of the whole vcheim depended vn confining thr Ga lo rn-dit tf rfi(d dlxt'motwn , of reuf,fiinc: ■"Thic Eaiil of Ellenborhugu 'd that if the mauaffe- Dieui tfiididii Hly and rarefdltf tiideafotcr to tecure the exdusian nf all uiiaivrlhy perito/ix, and of all vihn from accideiii or llin exugrftrrattd opijtiori of cffiileniporariex may ht UTf. an olj'ed of eniulution tu nil, iiiid iv Hl bi\ I'w f"Ct, 1 gidlerif of the portriuts of those ki Ao in all ages have deserved best (^ their coviifry.'" Temporftrj itpartmetitfi for tlie rfcci'|itiaii of the iiicturcfl and tranaootion of huejueea tvcre provided at '^H, Groat 6mug Has thti Liith January IHotl. )5 hy yk Jiolas Brnkcr ttntl (Jmtfrry Pnsi, C«JJ/»'rni Kil Jix, if Lmnliiii. With hot BOD Wi LLLa M, Duke or Gloccbstxe, who died .lid? Pnbi U:d fifiiitit 1695 ^i^ Michael Dald, Born at !? The last reigning Sovereign of Ibe Stuart dynasty, Second daughter of Joints, Duke ol Yot\l, tuid Aim« H}ii«, doughttjr ot the HJiul of Clarendon. Purchased by the Truetees, May 1871, (325.) S«a.t*d figure, to the Jtii«es, face three-quarters to the left, resting her hand on tho child's shoulder.

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