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Yes, people in prehistory chipped away at their teeth, filed them into points, incised cross-hatched lines on their surfaces, and inserted precious stones into drilled holes on their front teeth.

Lest we think this practice barbaric, it would be wise to remember that we subject our own adolescents to painful practices, such as breaking their palates, filing their teeth, and slowly changing their bony tooth sockets by placing pressure on their jaws with braces – all in the name of “beauty”.

Molte di queste donne sono mamme single disperate o mogli infedeli in cerca di un po' di divertimento.

Potrebbero essere tue vicine o potrebbero essere persone che conosci. Adesso potrai visualizzare la lista e le foto delle donne che si trovano nella tua zona.

Dental wear occurs as we chew our food, slowly removing that hard outer enamel.

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They provide the most needed carbon dating of the invention.This is a quick introduction to what teeth can tell us.They are one of the most informative parts of the human body, and are incredibly well preserved archaeologically.This results in small furrows on the teeth called hypoplastic defects.The exact position of the defect can tell us what age the child was when the stress occurred. By examining certain features on the tooth’s surface, we can estimate how closely two (or more) groups are related.

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