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These guys appeared to have been very cavalier and it looks like many people may at least have been aware of the arrangements.'Agents also alleged that the two men were using other sharp practices, including backdating mortgage offers which would see them profit from falling house prices.

This scenario would see a higher mortgage than the value of the house agreed and the difference split between the bank, agent and customer.

Traditionally her animal facilities receive the highest number of impounds in the summer, while during the winter and early spring her kennels operate at only 80 percent of capacity.

Chief executive Stephen Hester is also thought to be aware.Einstein’s definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.After losing two rounds in Appellate Court, Mayeda insanely hopes that the higher court will fall for her Trumpesque defense of lies and obfuscations and will dismiss the case before it is tried in front of a jury of twelve honest people.A spokesman for RBS said: 'We take any allegation of fraud very seriously and would always as a matter of course carry out a full investigation into any claims of wrongdoing.'The allegations come as RBS - around 70 per cent owned by the Government - negotiates with the Treasury whether it can break free from a state-backed asset insurance scheme.The group is said to be looking to avoid paying a £17.5bn fee for taking part in the scheme by agreeing to absorb the first £60bn of losses on toxic assets insured, rather than the £19.5bn originally agreed.

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