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Every day the children return to the garden to play on the ship, their imagination creating world with endless possibilities.

They act of the crew of the ship, taking orders from the wise captain.

Quentin Blake is a supporter of and ambassador for the indigenous rights NGO Survival International.

In 2009, he said, "For me, Survival is important for two reasons; one is that I think it’s right that we should give help and support to people who are threatened by the rapacious industrial society we have created; and the other that, more generally, it gives an important signal about how we all ought to be looking after the world.

He won the Kurt Maschler Award, or the Emil, for All Join In (Jonathan Cape, 1990), which he wrote and illustrated.

The award from Maschler Publications and Booktrust annually recognised one British "work of imagination for children, in which text and illustration are integrated so that each enhances and balances the other." Blake was awarded the Prince Philip Designers Prize in 2011.

He taught at the Royal College of Art for over twenty years, where he was head of the Illustration department from 1978 to 1986.

Blake illustrated The Wonderful Button by Evan Hunter, published by Abelard-Schuman in 1961.

In 1993, he designed the five British Christmas issue postage stamps featuring episodes from A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. These projects are detailed in Blake's 2012 book Quentin Blake: Beyond the Page, which describes how, in his seventies, his work has increasingly appeared outside the pages of books, in public places such as hospitals, theatre foyers, galleries and museums.I used this book as a stimulus for writing with my Year 4 class during SBT1.The child based an imaginary voyage on their own Green Ship a When two children climb over the garden wall of a big house, they embark on a very exciting journey.Two children find the Green Ship when they climb over the wall into what is more like a forest than a garden.The ship has bushes for bows and stern and its funnels are trees; a small garden shed on an ancient stump is the wheel house and in command of the ship is the owner of the garden, old Mrs Tredegar.

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