Updating panther to leopard

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Each successive version of the Apple OS will make not just your computer, but Word as well, run better.

For whatever reason, you may be unable to upgrade your OS to the max, but you can at least be sure your OS version is updated as fully as possible: These version numbers are accurate as of the date of this writing (see “Last Updated” at the bottom of the page).

You'll also learn about upgrading Mac OS X and find recommendations about how best to back up Mac OS X.

Article contributed by Beth Rosengard Go to update information about Office/Word 2001 and Office/Word 98.

Note: Office version numbers and Office application version numbers are not always the same.

Any particular update can make a change to one application without affecting any of the others.

Example: Some third party Quick Time codecs (coders/decoders) interfere badly with Office and can cause crashes on launch if the Project Gallery is opened at any time.

This is especially true of some "old" versions of the Div X codec from Div

Note: Regardless of your version of Office, there are situations that require you to reapply Office updaters, even if you are already fully updated!

The fix is simple: Make sure everything is current.

Newer versions of the Div X codecs don't exhibit the problem.

That’s because the Office X 10.1.5 updater made no changes to the Word X application.

However, the Office 10.1.6 updater changes all Office applications' version numbers to 10.1.6 as well.

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