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The characters are never going to meet, but damn would they be good together. Imagine the sparks if James Bond and Sherlock Holmes solved a case together.

Or if Harry Potter’s Ron Weasley and Teen Wolf’s Stiles Stilinksi bonded over always feeling like the sidekick? And because fandom is such an amazing place, sometimes crackships do come true – in the form of fanfic, fanart, manips, gifsets, cosplay, and a plethora of other mediums.

It’s a perfect story of opposites attracting: the handsome, rakish, and fiercely loyal prankster developing feelings for his kind, bookish, and introverted best friend.

The only thing that makes it sweeter to ship is the knowledge that it ends in heartbreak.

She played the role of Kali on the drama Teen Wolf alongside Tyler Posey.

She later played Emily Deville in the 2014 series Marvel's Agents of S.

(Though luckily there will always be happy AUs and fix-it fics.) There have been whole fanfiction dedicated solely to this pairing, so this it by no means an exhaustive list of resources.

I think everyone can agree there’s some pretty imaginative stuff out there in the world of fandom and slash. That means they’re on different TV shows, different channels, different centuries, etc.

Maybe one is from a book and the other an unrelated movie.

M/M Pairing of the Week: Sirius Black/Remus Lupin When it comes to sheer amount of fanworks, I think anyone would be hard-pressed to find a fandom that could beat out Harry Potter.

The first big slash pairing is Drarry (Harry/Draco), but this fandom really has Harry, Ron, and Hermione, when it was Harry’s parents walking the corridors.

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