Who is james blunt dating now

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Hot on the heels of his US jaunt with Sheeran, he’ll tour Europe in October, then the UK in November.Personally, he has been confirmed, once again, as King of Twitter.‘Terrorists and politicians in this charged climate of nationalism seem very keen to point out our differences all the time,’ he laments.

He does confess, however, that fatherhood has made his job a little trickier.‘Going on tour will be harder, but there will be two spare bunks on any tour bus for friends and family as they come along to visit,’ he reports happily.

I’m releasing an album in 2017’; ‘I never liked the sound of my own voice. The Afterlove, his fifth album, released in March, has been busily cementing his relationship with established fans and attracting a younger demographic than his previous efforts.

Till it made me rich’; and in reply to ‘Who invited James Blunt to the Invictus Games? ‘Doing a Corbyn, as I believe it’s called,’ he deadpans.

There was something compelling about this compact troubadour.‘I was slightly highly strung,’ he agrees now.

‘When you’ve just stepped out of the Army back into the civilian world, the pace of life outside seems quite slow. That attitude, which I still have to an extent – my band always complain that I walk too fast – doesn’t sit comfortably in the music business because it likes to think of itself as laid-back.’It is rare to see the shockproof Blunt shaken or stirred, but suggest to him that he might have become the Boris Johnson of pop and he stops in his tracks.‘Why on earth would you say that? ‘I’m not anything like him.’ I put it to Blunt that outwardly he is a bright and charming fellow with all his robust tweeting and fun-time TV appearances, but inwardly he is concerned that he might be considered a figure of fun.‘I must say it’s not something that I’ve thought about or worried about too much,’ he says.

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