Who is sonam kapoor dating

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Yesterday( May 9) was even more special as the couple celebrated their 1 year dating anniversary. According to Mirror sources, Sonam celebrated her first anni with Anand like a teenage lover by pampering him with expensive gifts and cutesy surprises.

Reveals the Mirror source, “Yesterday was their anniversary, by which we mean they celebrated a year of dating.

Sonam Kapoor and her rumoured beau Anand Ahuja might just be making their relationship official, one post at a time.

The rumoured couple may be tight-lipped when it comes to confirming their relationship, but they do not fall short of words when it comes to commenting on the other's post.

Anand posted a picture of white Orchids, to which Sonam commented saying, "Orchids represent love perfection thoughtfulness and beauty as they are perfectly formed.No wonder Anand has already become a favourite in Sonam’s family for he also accompanied Sonam along with her dad Anil Kapoor to the National Award ceremony this year.Here, check out their few pictures below: Popular Malyalam actress Surabhi Lakshmi, who recently met Sonam and Anand at the National Award ceremony, too couldn’t stop gushing about the couple as she said, ” She (Sonam)is a sweetheart!White Orchids represent reverence, humility, innocence and purity and elegance and beauty." Anand was quick to counter her description by saying, "They're also just pretty!" He even went on to correct her grammar and tease her saying, "Also what is 'love perfection thoughtfulness'? Or are you thinking of book titles like Eat Pray Love?

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