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“I thought if those who do not understand my decision to wear hijab can walk in my shoes just for one day, perhaps they’ll have a better understanding of my choice,” says Khan.

“Thus, next time they see someone wearing the hijab, they won’t be judgmental toward them.” Although Khan was hopeful, she was bowled over by the success of her first World Hijab Day, pulled off after only a few weeks of planning.

“They would put gum in my hijab.” She struggled during those awkward preteen years, a difficult time for even the most willing conformist.

And while she held true to her beliefs, her younger sister could no longer deal with the peer pressure.

She is also the first hijabi to be featured in Seventeen Magazine. “I’ve never been happy like that,” adding that it made her even more determined to spread cultural awareness about the hijab. I don’t want to be known—I want February 1 to be known.” So for February 1, 2014, Khan has set the lofty goal of having one million participants in the second World Hijab Day, and I plan on being one of them.

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But working at a college that enrolls numerous Muslim students, many of whom wear the hijab, I feel that I have a responsibility as an educator to have a better understanding of all cultures.Modesty,” “We Are Not Submissive to Men” and “Health Benefits of the Hijab,” which discusses protection from harmful UV rays that could lead to cancer, heat exposure, protection from cold weather conditions and covering hair for hygienic purposes. A judge recently found the company guilty of workplace discrimination. Khan felt she needed to do something else to help support these women.As her business began to grow, she started receiving emails from other (women who wear the hijab), who shared their individual experiences of judgment or hate, and who expressed concerns about not being able to get jobs due to their appearance. So in 2011, she began crafting a way for non-Muslim women to get a taste of what it was actually like to wear the hijab.In 2010, she launched an online business selling custom-designed hijab, called Stunning Hijab, Corp., with a motto of “Concealed. Confident.” Her hijabs come in modern, bright colors, contemporary prints and lightweight fabrics—a far cry from the traditional dark-colored heavyweight materials many people tend to associate with the hijab.She also has goals that go far beyond sales numbers: A portion of every sale is donated to a local Muslim organization. “With the support of everyone, I helped the mosque from going into foreclosure.” She shrugs off this noble gesture with, “You don’t lose anything by giving away.” Accompanying the available merchandise on her website, she added a section on hijab education, with articles entitled “Fashion vs. cases, in 2010 a Muslim girl named Hani Khan was fired from a Hollister clothing store in San Mateo, Calif., for refusing to remove her hijab while working. have reported losing their jobs over the hijab, and in some countries it is banned in the workplace, schools or government offices.

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